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About Us


    I've always have passion for music. Played several bands in the past, always for fun,  never owned a descent guitar. Several years ago I wanted to buy a real bass. Before heading out to the store to get one, I had vision in my head how my future bass should look like. I wanted to find something cool looking, to feel good while I'm playing and also with good sound. On top of that I didn't want to spend  to much. It took long to realize that I can't get want I came for. Yes, top prized instruments were ok but it was not good enough. So being a little disappointed I made a crazy plan to build one myself. I own several acoustic and electric guitars but they are production instruments. I wanted to create something custom, with top notch finish, well balanced body and most importantly - great sounding. I wanted to create my own instrument, no copies, and here we go. After creating my first bass I started to work on a 6-string electric guitar, than another, and another...



                                                                                       Mick, founder and passionate builder of custom electric guitars

                                                                                                                                                                                              M.I Designe

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